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About Art Trejo

I have been a contractor for 18 years. I know how to work on houses
from the ground up. Problem solving and working with my hands has
always been one of my strengths, so construction has always been a
great fit. The Kitchens and Baths are my favorite part of the home
because I feel that is where most of the homes character is expressed.

Most of my General Contracting career was spent working hand and hand with
Realtors, Inspectors, Lenders, Buyers, Sellers, Investors and Title
companies so Real Estate became natural to me.
In Real Estate I have loved to see the excitement expressed by the
clients throughout the process. Whether buying or selling, both can be
stressful, but the joy of a successful transaction is priceless.
I look forward to using my extensive experience in residential housing
to help people with their Real Estate needs.

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